Cloud Services

Neutral Data takes the guesswork out of consuming public cloud services while keeping your business data in Canada!

Why pay for retail licensing? You could be saving thousands of dollars by controlling licensing costs by only paying for what you use. 

Our VMware™ managed public cloud services are available to assist you to consume only the computing resources you need with VMware Certified Professional help guiding you to ensure that things are running the way they should be.

We won't leave you in the dark to fend for yourself, attempting to understand obscure or arcane code names for services, or trying to figure out how to adjust settings for your instances.  The managed services division will work with you to deliver the exact resources you need, and to modify them as you need, then closely monitor them to ensure they run at peak performance.

Available as both Linux and Windows Servers, a number of additional products, such as MS SQL Server, MS Exchange and MS SharePoint are available.

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