Neutral Data F.A.Q

What level of access are your customers allowed to your facilities?

All NDCC customers are provided with up to two security cards with their contract. These smart cards allow the customers access to 151 Front Street and coupled with our biometrics readers grant access to NDCC facilities. All customers have un-escorted 24/7 access to both 151 Front Street and our data-center where the customer equipment is located. 

Do I need my own UPS and or PDU equipment?

All NDCC customers are provided with generator power that is in addition to our own redundant UPS equipment, which means you do not need your own UPS equipment. 

You will need to provide your own PDUs, with the only exception being the shared rack. If you do not have or wish to purchase this equipment, NDCC can also rent/lease/sell it to you for a nominal fee.

What happens if I forget or lose my security card?

If you lose your security card, simply report it as such as soon as possible. Due to the use of man-trap at 151 Front Street combined with smart cards to allow access, use of a stolen card to gain admission will be futile.

If however you simply forgot your card for a visit, contact us directly or on our Technical Support phone line and we will be glad to escort you in. Please note however, that a fee may apply for this during non-business hours. 

How long can NDCC survive in a total blackout situation?

As all power used by NDCC is generated power, provided to us by 151 Front Street and coupled with our own redundant UPS equipment, NDCC can stay operational indefinitely.

What are your DNS nameserver addresses?

Our primary and secondary nameservers are and respectively.

What bandwidth/duplex mode should I set my switch/NIC to? 

Please set all your equipment facing our switches to 100MB Full Duplex mode. This applies even if you have not committed to 100MB, as doing otherwise will lead to CRC errors. 

Does NDCC provide KVM over IP services? 

KVM over IP service is provided by NDCC and is available as an additional service on a per server basis. 

How many IP addresses do I get or can request? 

All customers all allocated a block of 8 class C IP addresses by default. Please note, in a block of 8, only 5 are actually usable. 

Larger blocks of IP addresses are available free of charge with appropriate justification.

Does NDCC offer managed Firewall services? 

NDCC offers managed firewall services on our equipment as well as technical services through our consulting services to setup and optimize your firewall equipment.